22 Temmuz 2016 Cuma

Review: Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh (Rock Kiss #4)

Last book of Rock Kiss series. Abe and sarah's story is sometimes sad sometimes happy and a lot of sexy. I always have a soft spot for abe. He learned from his mistakes and he's a better man now but it's not easy to believe and trust him for sarah. with a little help from a certain peanut and they finally get back together. Rock wedding contains all characters wedding stories and glimpses . Except Charlie and T-rex's wedding. Because Goddess of all authors Nalini Singh will write a series for rugby players bros and we will read about that wedding in there  YAY!!! I couldn't be more happy right now. This is great news. 
You guys must read Rock kiss series if you didn't already. You wont be regret . trust me !

ARC from NetGalley in exhcnage for an honest review! 

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