18 Ekim 2016 Salı

Review : Something Borrowed by Louisa George

Chloe Cassidy is jilted at the altar and she takes her humiliation out on the  best man, Vaughn Brooks.Since then they were enemies some sort of :D she has a wedding planning business named
Something Borrowed and it's failing since the wedding. so Chloe is forced to swallow her pride, and work with the enemy the incredible chef Vaughn Brooks. 

İt's a nice read , very funny and I love all the characters of this book. It's captivating. There's a side story with chloe's sister jenna and her best friend going on boyfriend nick. I must say I'm more interested in that story. I can not wait to read what happens between jenna and nick. They were so cute together. I wanna read their HEA. 
Ending was rushed , He gone and came back like nothing happened , no groveling ! really . :)

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